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What now?

You were injured – maybe you tore a ligament, you had surgery to put stabilizing hardware around a fracture, or you pulled a hamstring while you were sprinting for a ball.  You have been out of your sport for 2 months, or six months…even a year!  When are you ready to return to play?  

When you can do 10 pushups?  When you can hop 10 times? If you can pass those tests, can you be confident that you have been tested as much as you should to return to your sport with minimal risk of reinjuring the same body part? 

Return With Confidence

Completing 10 hops or 10 pushups is too simplistic, and doesn’t take into account the demands of most sports – if you have passed those tests, but still aren’t sure you are ready, we can help!

Amped Physiotherapists are all active athletes – we understand sports, and the demands that different sports require of your body. 

In your assessment with us, we will look at:

  • Strength and range of motion of the affected area(s), and up and down the chain
  • Compound movements with resistance like squatting, bear crawling, or pushups
  • Sport-specific demands, like jumping, running, throwing, rolling on the ground, 
  • If you are a hockey player, we can even take you onto the ice to test you. 

Following the assessment, we will have a better understanding of how ready you are to return to your sport.  You may get a full green light, a green light with some conditions, or a yellow light with a treatment and training program that our physiotherapist develops for you.   

Can I Be Guaranteed I Won’t Hurt Myself Again?

It is impossible to return to any sport completely risk-free – after all, that is probably where you were injured in the first place!

However,  with an Amped Physiotherapy Return to Play assessment, you have a place where you can voice your concerns, have an expert assess your body and your sport demands to see where they match up and don’t match up, and a physiotherapist giving you an expert opinion on whether you are ready to return or not.

Are you wondering if you are ready to return to the activities you love after an injury?  

If so, request a Return to Play Assessment at Amped Physiotherapy today to put your mind at ease!

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