Rehab Ice For Hockey Players

On-Ice Rehabilitation is a 30-minute session of physiotherapy treatment on the Amped Sports Lab ice surface. This treatment type is specifically for hockey players transitioning from gym-based exercise back to skating following a significant injury such as a fracture or surgery. The sessions are run by a physical therapist and planned according to the player's stage of healing, physical tolerance, and injury restrictions.

Get back on the ice!

You can't recreate hockey in a gym. No matter how many jumps, squats and skater lunges you do on a floor, it doesn't compare to being in your skates on ice. If you have suffered an injury that took you out of the game like an ACL tear, a broken leg or arm, or a torn ligament, and you are mostly finished your rehabilitation, but not quite ready to get back in the game, Rehab Ice is for you. One of our registered physiotherapists will take you out on the ice and run you through drills to test your ability to return to play hockey safely. If your road to recovery is a long one, your physiotherapist can run progressively more difficult sessions to bring you from initial testing on the ice back to ready to play!

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