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COVID-19 Update

We were already set up to protect you

  • we only book 1 person every 30 minutes, not 4 or 5 an hour, so we have time dedicated to you and your condition;
  • with only 2 people per therapist per hour, physical distancing isn’t an issue;
  • we have individual treatment rooms for each client, not a big open room with beds close to each other;
  • we don’t use machines to treat. Instead, we use a tool that nobody else already used in the clinic today – your body!
  • we already use a Health Canada-rated disinfectant to clean rooms following every treatment.

With the new normal, we have added

  • new protocols like pre-appointment screening, therapist and client masking, getting rid of our magazines, and ensuring there is hand sanitizer in every treatment room;
  • we have assigned 2 treatment rooms to each physiotherapist, cutting down crossover;

What’s next?

  • If you want to see a physiotherapist in a safe and clean environment, give our front desk a call, and they will set you up with a physiotherapist suited to you and your situation.
  • If you don’t feel ready to attend treatment in person, we are still offering virtual appointments!  Please call our front desk, and they will gather some details about your condition and book a virtual appointment with one of our great therapists.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Amped Physiotherapy