Exercise Prescription & Coaching Ottawa, Chelsea, Kanata & Nepean, ON

Exercise Prescription & Coaching

There’s a common misconception that when the pain is gone, the journey to recovery is over. However, with Exercise Prescription & Strength Training at Amped Physiotherapy, your journey to recovery isn’t truly over until your body is back to being in the best shape possible. 

Our physiotherapists will help you reach and exceed your recovery goals by developing a fully comprehensive strength and conditioning plan that will help you return to full strength and balance. This is the final stage in our plan of care – the bulletproofing stage!

The Power of Exercise Prescription & Strength Training

There are a wide range of possible exercises you can perform. Our team will begin the Exercise Prescription & Strength Training process by collaborating with you, asking questions, performing tests, and then prescribing a personalized exercise plan tailored to your body and your goals. We don’t just show you what to do, but how to do it as well. 

Performing your exercises with intention and awareness is a key component to building strength and improving balance within the body. If not done correctly, otherwise good exercises like squats and deadlifts can put your body under a lot of stress, which leads to pain. We focus on not only the treatment but also the tools you need in order to make the program work for you. Our plans are designed for performance and complete recovery, putting you in the best position to return to sports and training. 

Our Amped physiotherapists are here to help you!

While you can do these exercises on your own, at Amped, a physiotherapist will always be there for you, to coach and help you with your plan. Our physiotherapists aren’t just here to help you regain strength and balance but to also help you build them. 

The exercises that we guide you through will emphasize strength and balance training, and once you are to a place where you feel comfortable, the intensity and load of the exercises will increase. Our goal is to not just have your body in the state it needs to be, but in the state you want it to be. 

Request an appointment at Amped Physiotherapy and make your fitness and wellness dreams a reality with our Exercise Prescription & Strength Training services!