Our Team

Jordan Burgess

Jordan Burgess, Owner, Registered Physiotherapist, BA(Hons)PT, BScPT, FCAMPT, CSCS, Gunn IMS, SFMA

As a physiotherapist, Jordan has spent many years building his areas of clinical expertise in manual therapy, IMS and exercise science, and has worked in practice settings from high-profile sports injury clinics with elite level clientele to rehabilitating the complex and serious injuries found in a provincial trauma centre.

This combination of specialization is rare – expertise in manual therapy and performance exercise provides Jordan the ability to guide athletes from the initial stages of injury recovery right through to returning to perform at a high level in their sport. His knowledge base allows him the insight to design and introduce high level performance exercise into their programs at the appropriate time.

After building Momentum Physiotherapy into a clinic known for its skilled practitioners and individual approach to client treatment, Jordan wanted to expand the options available to his clients for treatments that couldn’t be offered in the space available in Riverside South.

Along with Andrew, the vision for Amped came together, with a single entity that could use the best principles of teaching, coaching, scientific research, exercise and treatment of pain and movement problems, and bring them all under one roof for the benefit of all the athletes that come to our facility.

Outside of treating athletes in Amped Physiotherapy powered by Momentum, Jordan also oversees the Amped Human Performance program in the gym and the sport vision training programs in Amped CORE Training as the Director of Sports Lab operations.

You can find him delivering programs in any of these areas of Amped, or on the ice running a Rehabilitation Ice session for injured hockey players wanting to return to the game truly ready to go.