Our Practice

Our Practice

Manual Therapy. Movement. Exercise.

This is physiotherapy done differently.  This is physiotherapy the way it works best.  With your body, not with machines. 

If you are injured or sore, Amped Physiotherapy offers a state of the art approach to help you with any pain, injury, or discomfort you may be feeling.  If you want to get stronger to prevent injuries before they happen, we do that, too!  

Our clinic offers physiotherapy differently, with our expert physiotherapists, our exclusively one on one treatment sessions, our private treatment rooms, and our individual treatment approach.  Experience it for yourself! 

Amped Physiotherapy, helping one patient at a time

Amped Physiotherapy is here for YOU. Our mission at Amped Physiotherapy is 3-fold:  to help you recover from your injury, to help you avoid unnecessary medications and surgeries, and to give you the tools you need to improve your strength and fitness levels. The treatment plans we present are individualized for your needs and are aimed toward the achievement of your goals.

At Amped Physiotherapy, we look forward to helping you achieve your recovery, health and fitness goals!  With our care and commitment, we know that it is possible to help anyone who walks through our doors, one patient at a time. 

Ready to get started?

Amped Physiotherapy is here to provide support to you, every step along the way. Our success is dependent upon your success, and we strive to create a warm, welcoming environment where you can comfortably heal.

If you are in the Ottawa, ON area, or any of the surrounding areas, and you are looking for relief, look no further. Amped Physiotherapy is here to help as one of the top Ottawa physiotherapy practices. 

Call our office at 613-822-9000, or click here to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists today. We will be happy to meet with you and create a treatment plan for your journey toward fitness, healing, pain relief, and return to sport.